Quality Standard and Mini Rex in central Pa.
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Frex's Rabbitry
Welcome to Frex's Rabbitry
 "Rex by nature Frex by design." 
Frex's Rabbitry ® ,

Here at Frex's Rabbitry we strive for excellence in everything we do and in every "Frex" we produce. At Frex's we raise show quality standard and mini rex in the self-varieties. We currently are working with black, blue, chocolate, and lilac in solid and broken. We are a small rabbitry and we focused on quality over quantity. The Frex's line is from registered champion stock chosen from top winning quality bloodlines. Because our focus is on producing top quality show animals we are showing more than breeding and only breed about twice a year when we are not in show season in order to devote our attention to raising healthy and well adapted members of our Frex family.
Lilith 4months old B.O.B. with her dad Clooney B.O.S.B in Washington pa
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About Frex's Rabbitry
We are located in Clearfield county Pa, and have been raising show quality rabbits since 2003. We have had a couple different breeds before we fell in love with the rex. We fell in love with their unbelievable fur and wonderful personality’s. We soon added minis to our rabbitry as I am in love with their manageable size and my husband still specializes in standards and the rest is history. Now all we raise are rex and mini rex with the goals of improving the breed, introducing people to the wonders of the rex breeds, and producing top quality show animals that are also loving family members.
  Since our first goal is improving the breed overall we don’t breed like other rabbitries or breeders. We breed about twice a year during our off season from showing, and we try to only breed our best after they have had proven themselves on the show table. We do however have pets available from time to time to approved homes. All of our rabbits are raised indoor as house rabbits and are socialized from the very day they are born. If you are interested in one of our rabbits please read our sales policy first, and then contact us. Also please realize that if you are looking for a rabbit please let us know what your intended purpose is i.e.…. Showing, breeding, or pet. If you are looking for that very special rabbit for 4h or showing reasons we also have a waiting list, so if it’s not available now we can contact you as soon as we have what you are looking for.

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Herd reduction sale 
   We are looking to reduce our herd down to only a couple of select champions over the next year. To do so we will be offering new lower prices. Also we will be selling most of our breeding stock as well as jr show stock ready to show now and many jrs that will be well ready for A.R.B.A. nationals. 

 If you are looking for any Rex or Mini Rex Please don't hesitate to call us today, even if you don't see what you are looking for listed here as we are going to clearance sale almost all of our stock.
  Prices are negotiable and delivery arrangements can be made.